I love creating individual, slightly rustic, functional pottery that is used in everyday lives. 

The warm and simple style fits any home whether it is old or modern.

I have always felt the objects we use in our daily lives influence how we feel about our homes and surroundings.

Most of the pottery I produce is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel with motifs and handles added by hand. Each piece has two firing processes before they are ready to use. 

Keeping my materials simple I find endless possibilities of uses and also create beauty in simplicity. 

The pottery has traveled all over the world to America, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Korea, Africa, and Europe.

Some of my customers have mentioned seeing my pottery on their travels!

Witnessing relationships blossom through the gifting of my pottery is by far the best part of selling my work. Seeing the progression of engagements, weddings, and births take place. I love helping people design personalized gifts for their friends or family’s important life events.